Born in Beirut in 1988, living in Montreal, Canada.

In my photography I look for the lyrical and meditative in the every day. I love the photographic process and the slow, physical nature of film. I started making photographs around 2005 and have been printing since 2012, first in a communal darkroom then at home.

All of my work is shot with a 35mm or 50mm lens on Leica M cameras using Ilford HP5+ film. After I develop the film, I will print some frames on Ilford FB classic paper with a Leitz Focomat enlarger.

Signed, unmounted prints are made by myself on Ilford Multigrade FB (baryta) Classic paper from black and white negatives. Prints are ready and will ship right away. Most items to the US and Canada arrive within 5 business days, items to Europe about 10 business days.

The name of the website is from an Italo Calvino book, its layered, poetic and sharp texts inspired a lot of my early explorations and still informs my work to this day.


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