final print with camera

project end

In the final editing stages, I'll keep coming back to a set if I see changes in it, things I want to update, sequence, or reprint, exclude or include more photographs. The set will keep changing between editing iterations and cycles of shooting and editing which bring new material to the set. Those cycles then slow down until there are almost no changes left to make. I'm satisfied with the printing, the sequencing and the set selection as a whole. This might change in the future again, but for now it's an indication that it's ready for the next step.

Projects can last from as little as a few months to a few years in the making and they're never really finished. They end when I decide to stop actively working on them. That can be because I feel I don't have anything to add to the series or because there hasn't been any substantive new material coming in.

The end of a project means no more active shooting for it, but perhaps a minor reediting in the near future. Typically a couple of years later I add or remove a few elements or slightly resequence the series.

The end of a project sometimes brings a sense of relief, if it's been a particularly difficult edit. Other times it brings a certain sadness that often comes with wrapping up any kind of long project.


After I decide to stop working on the project, I'll typically publish it on my website and share it online.

Lately I've been looking into making a small publication of some completed projects, in the form of a book. Bookmaking is a big and completely different undertaking, but it provides the best presentation of the project as a whole.